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it's only reruns

you're adopted

they're coming

i'm just going to make a quick stop

maybe it's a rash

let's make some shirts

little bird's last or first couple minutes

i'm a bit leaky

it's in the corner of my eye

i'm making it hot in here

stevo's bass

MacGyver's Toilet

don't laugh at my flamingo

ms. bring it back when you're done

mrs. two cups and won't shut up

semke on grandma's quilt

our landlord's bills

so maybe i'm a cactus

you've gotta be kidding me

Billy Curmano’s New X Art Ensemble

Dvorak's Terzetto (IV. Tema con Variazioni)

Dvorak's Terzetto (III.Scherzo)

Dvorak's Terzetto (II. Larghetto)

Dvorak's Terzetto (I.Allegro ma non troppo)