Solstice Shack of Solemn SunsetsThe assignment was to build an abode that embraced the natural landscape,
in addition solar/lunar paths.
… on public property.tucked in the middle of the twinsI put mine right in the middle of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
I had seen this spot from the Lake St. Bridge (seen behind)right hereRight here.
Here’s a link to the Google Coordinates I HIGHLY encourage you to visit this beautiful beach.built from found materialsI used materials I found on site.the calanderWhen you stand on the “time stump” there are three bundles of sticks to the West
marking where the sun will set on the solstices and the equinox. It’s my calendar.looking westLooking west.looking northLooking Northlooking eastLooking East at the beautiful Mrs. Sippyup closeScoopThe viewThe view from inside
a giant burned root outA giant burned root to the south/southeasttopographic map of the siteTopographic map of the site.Elevation viewElevation Drawings

Creation Date: 2009
Medium: Digital Photo
This item is not for sale.

Yes… this was actual Vesper College homework. Unfortunately, the authorities have taken my solstice shack down. It lasted about a month, and it was beautiful while it lasted. Special props to Kent L. and Gene T. for being most excellent lookouts.

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