Perpetual Perceptual: A Modulation Visualizating Station
The latest crazation that’s sweeping the nation. The biggest thing since hallucination. Please, step inside this abomination.NeedleworkI’m no seamstress.circlesIf you look close, you will see the needle in the shadows.beamsBig and beautiful smelling recycled playground cedar… wrapped in mis-manufactured artist canvas.Look out the Hole and PerceiveLook out the ear and see sound. You can also see what a messy studio we have.Closed UpAll closed up it stands a little over 8 feet tall.six minivan loadsDid I mention that this is modular? The skeleton breaks down into six minivan loads.step inside this glorious beastWhat an attractive profile.outside and inThe teeth are for biting.light peaking through the cracksInside view, without the candles.Me standing inside my beautiful abode.Standing inside my giant head. Perceiving you.

Creation Date: 2009
Medium: Recycled Playground Lumber, Mismanufactured Artist Canvas, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Broken Snare Drum Head, Steel Rods, Needle and Thread
Approximate Size: 6′ (wide) x 6.5′ (deep) x 8′ (high)
This item has been destroyed

This is the materialization of the big head structure that I’ve been drawing for a couple years now.
You can find an example here or here … and there are many more scattered throughout the site.

The concept:
We can not determine the actual use of an architectural structure. We can design buildings with an INTENDED use in mind, but we can not predict how they will ACTUALLY be used (i.e. a movie theater can be used for many disgusting things, beyond watching a bad movie).

Along those same thought lines, we ALL perceive the same reality differently. We don’t know the truth about truth. We only know that we all perceive.

I see this as an opportunity, because the ONLY thing an architectural structure can POSSIBLY be used for (at least the only thing we KNOW it can be used for) IS perception.

That’s why I’ve made Perpetual Perceptual.

This is a humble abode designed purely for your perception.

Lots of “FIRST”s for such a tiny architectural structure.
This is the FIRST architectural structure designed with perception as THE intended use.
This is the FIRST architectural structure that is successful in delivering it’s intended use to ALL of it’s occupant’s.
This is the FIRST architectural structure that we actually KNOW is functioning.
*I am aware that some of these “FIRST”s are only perceptions.

Custom perceptual abodes available. Just contact me.