those were the daysAll of my roomates and anyone who stopped by had arts and crafts time.we glued things to the televisionSince there was nothing on, we glued a lot of things to the television.oh angelinaOh giant Angelina head, how I miss you.little details make the differenceAttention to fucking chaos

Creation Date: 2003
Medium: Film Photos
This item is not for sale.

Some more old film photos I stumbled on yesterday.

In retrospect,
I might have been
a bad roommate.

The television might
be in
the Mississippi.

There are some things that
I don’t recall.

Contributors to the tv-monster that I recall: John Paul Young, Charlie Smyrk, Kristen Banasik, Garrett Gilbertson, Aneesa Adams, William Hessian, Dan Skogstad, Stevo Bloechl, Eric Nelson … and probably more. Please pipe in if you glued something. I’ll add you to the list. I can remove you too, if you’re embarrassed or something.