New New Brains for Everyone (Cover)

New New Brains for Everyone (Back)

Creation Date: 2010
Medium: Vector Illustration
This item is not for sale.

My dear friends the Brokedowns are having their 2007 album re-released on vinyl.

Here’s what the old art looked like.

Old Brains for Everyone

We were all happy
with the old art.

it was made small
and I can’t find
the original paintings or
my original files to
make it bigger
for the vinyl.

I also didn’t feel like doing the same thing again.
Sequels just don’t live up.

So I came up with this.

new new brains for everyone

I wouldn’t say that this is better than my original but
I was pleased with how it turned out,
and I was excited to see it in my record stack.

I’ve officially pushed the envelope too far.

This has been rejected as the new LP art.

I’m okay with that and definitely have no hard feelings about it.
I’ll just poke fun at them about this for years to come.

I’m very comfortable with this rejection, and my future rejections to come.

I just need to keep churning.

Eventually people will realize
that their watches are wrong.